5 Warning Signals That You Got The Wrong Job

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You toiled for years to gain a diploma and worked harder to establish an online presence, gone into a grueling on-the-job training, and finally landed a 9 to 5 regular office job. At last! You are finally living out one of your life goals—landing a job. After a few months, however, you feel restless. It feels like you have done all that you can and still, something is amiss. One day, you wake up and the face that looks back at you from the hallway mirror is that of a stranger. Where have all the passion gone?

Whether or not a job is meant to be is often determined by how much effort and enthusiasm you decide to put in it. If you feel that it is just not going the way it should be then, perhaps, it is time to reassess your mission and vision, your interest, and the enthusiasm in working towards those goals.

Truth of the matter is, you may be confused as to everything that’s been going on with your job, with your life for quite some time. Often, the fear of going through all the tedious task of sifting through classified ads and being interviewed can take a toll on most people. But when is enough simply enough? And what signals should you look for on the first few months of working that point to you being on the wrong side of the fence?

Here’s a look on some of the “not meant to be for you” signals.

1. It does not feel like you.
Everything you seem to like about yourself, your disposition in life, what makes you unique seem to be gone, faded into oblivion. This can happen in a few weeks and often, the first two weeks will say it all. You look for a way to motivate yourself but, after a while, it simply strips away at who you want to be. Alas, one day you wake up looking at that stranger in the mirror.

2. You are constantly working out on how to prove your worth—and still not getting what you want.
Seeking validation from others, particularly the bosses, seem to have become your mantra. It is understandable though but when your ideas are always thrown out into the trash bin no matter how brilliant they are or when you are being treated like an invisible force then, it’s time to get out. A job should not make you feel invisible.

3. It does not feel like being in a working relationship at all.
You are so disengaged to the realities of office life that you feel like a Martian walking among Earthlings on a daily basis. You know that the responsibilities to be fulfilled but simply do it out of being paid. Gone is the sense of engagement or being enthused to go the extra mile. When a job simply feels like going through a routine but without the fire, it is a sign that yells—time to get out!

4. You keep convincing yourself what a good job you have and still feel like a lobster out of her shell.
Reading on motivational books or listening to inspirational stories to keep yourself believing on your “luck” can be toilsome in the long room. Justifying your actions and simply going with the flow will make you lose the most important person in your life—you!

5. Sleeping-off the alarm seems to become a daily habit.
You simply lose that loving feeling of waking up early excited on what the new day will bring. It becomes so depressing that you spend most of your time muttering obscenities under your breath. You feel stuck in a rut but too proud to quit. It’s the worst sign as you can easily spiral down into oblivion. Instead of counting weeks, you’ll be sucked into nothingness for years until it’s too late.

Seriously, all these signals knock at your senses in one way or another. Let go of your distorted understanding about compromises and being in the moment. When you are not happy in the first week, there’s a big chance you won’t all throughout. So, be aware on your limits and needs. Look failure in the eye and say, I need to try again. It’s never too late to start the ball rolling on another lane.

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  • Shani
    Posted on April 20, 2017 at 3:50 am

    Love, love, love this site.
    This article was spot on. I am finding that unapologetically learning to live and Be our authentic selves is paramount to one’s survival. Showing up for you & living purposeFULLY is a must. Assimilation in this setting is not the answer.

    • brookscreative
      Posted on April 20, 2017 at 12:40 pm

      Thank you so much for your response! Your assessment is spot on! This is what Break the Silo is all about-helping Black women be their authentic selves and BE UNAPOLOGETIC about it. Please share with your friends and family.


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